In general, the more closely you match the environmental conditions of the source of your plant material to that of the planting site, the better it will grow. Studies show that this is because species have become genetically adapted to the local conditions to varying degrees -- some species more than others. Since there is little species specific information, it is best to take a conservative approach so plantings will do better both in the short term and in the long term.

Native plants have evolved and adapted to local conditions over thousands of years. They are vigorous and hardy, so can survive winter cold and summer heat. Once established, they require no irrigation or fertilization. They are resistant to most pests and diseases. Thus, native plants suit today's interest in "low-maintenance" gardening and landscaping.

Each native plant species is a member of a community that includes other plants, animals and microorganisms. The natural balance keeps each species in check, allowing it to thrive in conditions where it is suited, but preventing it from running amok. Thus, native species rarely become invasive, as plants introduced from other areas can be.

Native plants provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies and other desirable wildlife. Many help to enrich the soil. Their root systems help rainfall percolate into the soil, reducing erosion and runoff. This improves water quality.

The choices we make in our yard, whether it’s a half acre or a small back patio, can make a big difference to wildlife and to the environment in general. When you use native plants in your landscape I think you help create a buffer between humans and wildlife by providing forage and shelter for the varied assortment of critters that live all around us. Use of local native plants make useful and beautiful gardens that help restore ecosystems that are lost or fragmented. We can all become backyard restorationists.

There is a native plant for every garden situation let Native Springs Nursery help you find it. I love pine trees, conifers of any kind actually. Ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated by the immensely towering coastal redwoods in the local foothills near la Honda and Portola Valley close to the bay area where I grew up. And now I find myself very focused on the growing of my baby pines, spruce and fir trees. I take great pride in providing a retail source for as many varieties of beautiful western native conifers that I possibly can.

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